Weber EX4 fuse


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Jul 24, 2020
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Castroville land
Purchased the Weber EX4 on 4/28/20. We have had about 20 cooking’s with some very good success. 7/19/20 I turned the grill on and the display flashed on and off. Scratched my head; read the manual and figured the problem was the fuse. If there was a spare fuse, I could not find it. The EX4 schematic did not even list a fuse in the diagram.

The WEBER website could not help (FAQS, forum, replacement parts, and HELP). Looking on the internet, useless. Page 31 of the printed and PDF manual calls for a 1.6 amp @ 240 VAC FAST BLOW glass fuse, when the physical fuse is a 1.5 amp @ 250 VAC FAST BLOW ceramic fuse. A ceramic fuse requires a Multimeter to determine fault. The internet search for the 240VAC fuse was a struggle. Going to LOWES, the merchant store, was useless. The electrical department did not have the 240 VAC nor the 1.5 amp 250 VAC FAST BLOW fuse. Amazon to the rescue.

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