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Dec 1, 2020
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N. California / Bay Area
Well after working great on the Chuck Roast I did a couple weeks ago...the EX6 decided it didn't want to play nice....I swear it doesn't want me to cook ribs on it.

A pre-emptive note, prior to the following I cleaned out the grill, made sure the firepot was empty and clear, emptied the ash catch, etc.

On Sunday I fired it up to 225, temps shot up over 300 then it went out. Turned it to 305 to kick up the fan and got it to relight and adjusted to 250...went out. I put it in shut down and when done I re-lit it but this time set a temp of 275. once it got up to 275 (without a massive overshoot) and stable I turned it down to 250 and it settled in. I put my ribs on and let it go for an hour or so. It was running stable so I tried lowering the temp to 225. It lowered and held pretty well for the remainder of the cook. End result was the best ribs I've ever made on a pellet cooker...Smoke flavor rivaled what I've got off a stick burner in the past.

On Monday I decided to smoke a 3lb boneless turkey breast to slice up to put on sandwiches for lunches. Fired her up with a set value of 305 figuring that would help me get to temp faster with the fan spinning faster. it got up to about 225 and the temp started to drop...(pellets were fine, no bridging) I turned the set temp down to 275 and the fan slowed down then the temps started to rise. after messing with it for 10 min or so I got it to get up to 275 and stabilize. I put my Turkey on and it cooked it great.

I'm guessing this all has to do with the current firmware as it seems to have issues with start up and getting settled but is rock solid once its up but it has to be brought to a high temp then lowered to get it to play nice anywhere below 250. I am hoping that the official release of this newest firmware fixes this issue and doesn't introduce any new ones.

Anyway here is some food porn...the food off this thing is great. Just wish I could fully trust it.


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