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Dec 5, 2020
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North Carolina
Summit Charcoal, 26” Kettle, Genesis Gas & EX 4 SmokeFire
I pulled the trigger and purchased an EX4. Performed the burn in on Christmas day - 450 degrees for 40min according to the manual. It stayed steady for 30 min but by the time it got to 40min mark it had dropped to 375 degrees. I performed the shutdown and checked the pellets. There was bridging, I was disappointed. Any recommendations? I did remove the finger guard during assembly. I don't want the inconvenience of having to check pellets on overnight cooks.

That is the bad; the good is that I put it through some paces Christmas day & the day after and it performed flawlessly. I reverse seared a 20oz ribeye cooked at 250 until it achieved the correct internal temp then seared at 600 degrees along with a Chilean sea bass filet and a piece of Ahi tuna. Everything came out the way it would have if I had seared over hot coals. The steak actually had a smoke flavor and the fish had great sear marks! .......I hate to sound so surprised but after achieving negligible smoke flavor and minimal sear marks on the Timberline I was thrilled and felt vindicated for getting rid of it & purchasing the SmokeFire.

The next day I smoked a rack of baby back ribs at 275 for the whole cook. They came out great. Moist, tender, good flavor and a nice smoke ring.

It was cold Christmas day and that evening when I was cooking it was 25 degrees and windy. The SmokeFire burned through a lot of pellets. At 600 degrees it chewed through them like crazy.

I didn't take any plated pictures because it had gotten late & the natives were getting restless. Below are a few pictures.


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