Extended Warranty Purchase


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Feb 11, 2020
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Tallahassee, FL
So I am definitely ordering the EX6. Like tonight or tomorrow! I have been a little torn about extended warranties and wanted to share my experience and research on the subject. I am not really big into extended warranties but if the coverage is good and the price is right then why not? Unfortunately all of my research points to NO. Do not buy the extended warranty.

Im not going to name any company names but I have to tell you that two companies have the most misleading information on their websites and even calling and chatting has had completely contradictory information presented to me EACH time I called or chatted, which has been 4 times with one company and 6 with the other.

Ultimately it comes down to the type of warranty coverage thats available for purchase and what that means to the consumer in regards to when their extended warranty actually starts.

Our New Smokefires have a great warranty from Weber with some parts having a 3 year warranty and most of the rest having a 5 year warranty. When you buy an extended warranty you "could" be offered a warranty that will start once the shortest portion of the manufacturers warranty ends. However, what you will more than likely be sold is the standard extended warranty that will actually start the moment you purchase or receive your Smokefire.

Also, the extended warranty will not work until the manufacturers warranty ends. Ultimately this means if you buy a 5 year warranty, you will only have 2 years of extended warranty for most of your grill and if a part breaks that is covered by Webers 5 year warranty you will effectively have 0 years extended warranty.

The most annoying thing about all of this is like I said above.....Its misleading on their websites but even more frustrating is how misleading it is when you actually talk to people from the websites. You get different information from everyone you speak to. So YMMV, but I have done my research and am sharing it with you.....IF you buy an extended warranty....MOST LIKELY.....Your warranty starts the day you buy it..........