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Feb 16, 2020
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Phillips Ranch, Ca
As expected - Weber came through with a response to a review I left them on their product page.

Here's the review I left:

Cooked ribs (4.5 hours) and reverse seared NY strips - which both came out fantastic.

However, after seeing all the comments here and youtube reviews, I am also seeing the possibility of a grease fire with all of the ash and the lack of having a drip pan - so I'm holding off on any overnight cooks.

Awaiting further updates on the app, does not control temperature or even fire up the grill. A bit disappointed but I'm sure Weber will address.

The hopper does need some human intervention in pushing the pellets down from time to time, no idea how this will be fixed since it's an engineering issue.

I'm eagerly waiting for Weber to address a few these issues, if it isn't addressed within the month I will be initiating a return - $1200 is quite the investment and for that much money the product should work as advertised.

Please Weber, don't let us down! If possible please send out an e-mail at least addressing the issues and assurance that we'll be taken care of. Thanks.

Here's their response sent via e-mail:

We would be happy to help with the concerns you had from the above review.

When cooking fattier foods on any type of grill, flare ups might occur as grease hits the heat source. We recommend the use of drip pans for longer cooks with all of our products, just like a smoker, charcoal, and gas grill. This information can be found in your owners manual typically on page 14.


We do encourage you to use your SmokeFire; and if anything, do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

Please also remember to clean the grill after a low & slow cook.

As for controlling the temperature of the grill, this will arrive in a future update.

We also listened to grillers and quickly improved the ramp to make it even more efficient.

We would like to offer you a complimentary ramp accessory for your SmokeFire to improve the angle of the feed and make sure you have the best grilling experience.

Please just register your SmokeFire and reply with the following:

  • Shipping Address
  • Phone Number
Thanks Weber - hopefully the pellet capacity isn't effected too much with the addition of the ramp. Other than that, I'm still happy with my Weber!