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  1. SmokeMeister

    EX6 Cover For Sale

    Anyone looking for an EX6 cover? Used outside for about 2-3 weeks before I returned the SF, but it looks new. I couldn't return it to Weber because it's used and I don't have the box. $50 and I'll ship it to you (in the US).
  2. SmokeMeister

    Temperature Consistency

    Decided to do a little temperature consistency test this evening. I used 4 different temperature probes verified accurate using boiling water. Set temp to 200. Once it got up to temp, the internal temperature on the screen doesn't move from 200, but in actuality the temp can be anywhere from...
  3. SmokeMeister

    It has arrived!!

    Just delivered!! Can’t wait to get it put together! Came with a free bag of grillmaster blend pellets.