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    Customer service

    Had to call weber today.ordered a 10 pack got one and it was bent to hell. Got some drip pans off Amazon, for whatever reason the Amazon app was saying call weber . I call and explain to the guy that i don’t know why I’m calling him but Amazon said to , he says he doesn’t know why but will send...
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    Got the glasses and glow plugs in the mail today that they have been sending to people

    I know it’s older news that they did this but i got 2 boxes . My wife ordered the smokefire as a surprise for me . She wasn’t here when it came and i put it together and registered it so i could cook . About a week later she was trying to register it because the warranty . I told her i had...
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    What’s everybody making Sunday

    One of my favorite days of the year is upon us. First football Sunday . What’s everybody making . Also excited to use the smokefire again cause it’s rained since Tuesday and Sunday it’s not supposed to .
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    Didn’t know which thread to put this in . Does anyone use a small shop vac to clean out the smokefire ?

    Looking for a small one that will fit in my outside “grill cabinet “
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    Got my ex6 Thursday !

    As title states i got my ex6 thursday . I’m three cooks in and am very impressed with the food it has put out so far . Haven’t done any long cooks yet just some burgers , chicken breast and some wings . Gonna have to hit up Costco or Sam’s this week to get something for a long cook . It’s my...