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    Alternatives to weber temp probes?

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have a recommendation for a compatible temperature probe that costs less than the weber probes? I've used at least 6 of the weber probes and I keep destroying them somehow. I route the wire through the door cutout and I still keep having problems. The probes will work fine...
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    Amazing customer support experience - Great job Weber!

    I bought my SF in late February. I've had a great experience with it so far, just a few minor problems. Mine has the original 2 piece auger, no ramp etc. I called CS today in order to get the auger chute ordered, but asked about getting a spare glowplug at the same time. Weber is sending the...
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    Hot/Cold side reversed?? Anyone experiencing this?

    My SF has always been hotter on the right side. Typically about 20-30 degrees. I never minded the difference, just used it as a multi-zoned cooking area. After the latest update I cooked chicken, and typically move the pieces to the far left as they get close to done so they will finish in the...