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    Tilapia Help Tonight!

    Hello all, I am making Tilapia tonight on the Smokefire, and I need some guidance on how to cook it. It is 2lbs. Thank you all in advance!
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    Pork back ribs vs baby back/st louis ribs?

    Hello all! I found a great deal on pork back ribs but I have not cooked these before. I have only cooked the St. Louis or baby back ribs. the bones are not as long. What way do you cook these? I don’t want them to dry out since the bones are shorter and meat is slightly less. Thanks!!
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    Injecting Tallow into Tri Tip

    Has anyone done this? What was your result? I worry because the temp is pulled so low that idk if the tallow would make any difference? At the same time I've seen other people inject butter.
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    Jerky tips

    I’m looking to make Jerky, and I read that smokeboost makes the temp below 200. Has anyone successfully made jerky on the smokefire? If so, care to share your recipe and thoughts? Thanks!
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    When is a pork rib fall off the bone tender?

    (not falling apart tender) For those who use the toothpick method, what does it feel like? Like poking a muffin? poking peanut butter? room temp butter? What method do you use? My next weekend thanks you in advance!
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    Smoke coming out of hopper okay?

    I just seasoned my grill and I filled it with maybe 3-4lbs of pellets because I didn't want a mess trying to remove pellets after seasoning. About 20 minutes in, there is a small gap in the pellet hopper (obv because I didn't put many pellets in) that is letting smoke out. Is this okay? I’ve...
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    How long can you keep brisket in vacuum sealed bag?

    I received my EX4 last night, and I'm missing quite a bit of screws. I bought a brisket for a weekend cook for friends and family, but I obv won't be able to cook on it really until next weekend. Can I leave it in it's bag until next weekend?
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    Chicken rub for other meats?

    I have some left over Kosmos Q chicken rub from last Thanksgiving. Can I use this for pork/brisket?
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    Burnt Ends Recipe Help

    OK GUYS, I must have watched about 15 videos, some repeatably, on making Burnt Ends. Most of the videos are consistent; however, where they mostly differ are cook and rest times. So my questions for those experienced are: 1. What temp are you pulling the point off roughly (so I can use this as...
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    Can you easily fit a Brisket and Pork Butt on an EX4?

    I am pretty much going to purchase a smokefire, but I need to know can I fit a Brisket and Pork Butt on an EX4? The reason I ask is this is literally the most I would cook ever at one time.
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    (Newbie) Can I fit a Brisket and Pork Butt on an EX4?

    If a couple can confirm this is easily doable, I will pull the trigger on my first grill (EX4)! Thank you!! I look forward to this forum!