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    Has anyone ever checked the WSF temperature?

    I’ve been using my WSF for about a year now and have a separate thermometer system (FireBoard V1) and I’m always seeing the WSF temps to be about 20-40°f low. I’m doing some beef short ribs at the moment and the WSF has been rock solid at 250°f for the past 4hrs but the FireBoard is showing...
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    HELP! Help! How do I cook a 13lb turkey in the SF?

    With Covid lockdown, we've all of a sudden got to host the oldies. They're bringing a 10-13lb turkey which will get here Xmas Eve night and it's my job to not incinerate the bird o_O I don't think there'll be enough time to brine but has anyone got any surefire ways to smoke the turkey? I've...
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    Advice for beef short ribs?

    I need to do a load of beef ribs / jacobs ladder on Sunday - any advice on low & slow in the SF? Cheers!
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    Weber’s SmokeFire smart grills just got a lot better!

    An article from Engadget about the SF: