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  1. tigermikie

    Picked up some prime Rib eye cap steaks from Costco today, anyone try these?

    What do they call them at Costco? At the beginning of the pandemic, a New Orleans restaurant meat provision company was selling out their warehouse because of lack of business. I bought a bunch of the caps (spinalis dorsi). I had to roll several together to make a steak, but boy was it worth it...
  2. tigermikie

    Shotgun shells

    That is pure awesomeness.
  3. tigermikie


    Corners, you do realize we are in the middle of a PANDEMIC. These customer service reps are all working from home and I am sure that Weber’s warehouses are extremely short-handed. Take a deep breath and be a bit patient. I agree that they botched the introduction of this grill, but I know they...
  4. tigermikie

    New owner from Massachusetts

    Welcome to the forum. Some great cooking experiences lie ahead!
  5. tigermikie

    Foil vs Butcher Paper

    Think you should have waited until the meat hit 175-180. Needs to have broken out of the stall. That’s why it took so long.
  6. tigermikie

    Salmon Practice

    Not a big salmon fan, but the Mayo one might be a game changer. Thanks for sharing.
  7. tigermikie

    SmokeFire Power Failure

    Didn’t think of that. brilliant!
  8. tigermikie

    First Brisket on EX4

    Nice job. A beautiful brisket indeed.
  9. tigermikie

    SmokeFire Power Failure

    The shutdown process is a safety feature of the SF. Considering what it takes to get an Egg up and running and then maintained through a cook, I’ll take the SF. What happened to you is unfortunate. If the loss of power is something that happens often then you may need to rethink a pellet...
  10. tigermikie

    Front and Side Tables have made it to the site.

    Sits on top of the ledge that the flavor bars sit on. Pan on the right is sitting directly on the flavor bars. Have to say at this point not really seeing what extra functionality this gizmo adds. Does allow you to add a drip pan over the middle of the EX6 smoker. Time will tell if it’s a...
  11. tigermikie

    Front and Side Tables have made it to the site.

    13.1 x 8.1 per the diagram on the box. The Weber #6416 10 pack of large drip pans are 13.1 x 9.1. Hmm... I have one of the #6416 pans and it is the exact same size as the Wet Smoke Kit pan. Go figure. Got out the trusty ruler and both are in fact 9.1 inches wide at the top. So yes the #6416...
  12. tigermikie

    Front and Side Tables have made it to the site.

    Still in the box. Unfortunately a day of rain down here.
  13. tigermikie

    Front and Side Tables have made it to the site.

    Amazon has the wet smoke kit in stock. Mine was delivered today.
  14. tigermikie

    Hello from Finland!

    Welcome aboard! Like you I also am a big fan of Weber products. Unfortunately all but the SF has have been gathering dust.
  15. tigermikie

    TrendKill picked up another SmokeFire.

    Yeah, he knew he messed up getting rid of his first SF.