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    Love my Smoke Fire

    Also a egg and smokefire owner . Love both! My favorite pellets are lumberjack. I used the one bag of weber that came with the grill and they were good but i tried lumberjack and liked it more. The price in Wisconsin where i am is 9.99 for a bag of lumberjack and like 20 for weber so it’s a easy...
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    Chicken Skin Not Crispy

    That really helps with my wings!
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    Chicken Skin Not Crispy

    Make sure the skin is dry also. I put mine in the fridge uncovered for a while. If the skin is kinda yellow then you should be good
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    Smoking during a Canadian winter

    I’m in Wisconsin and we had a pretty cold winter last yea and i went through more pellets but it still ran well
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    Lumber Jack pellets on sale at Rural King

    I love the char hickory blend. I also mix in some cherry sometimes for the long smokes
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    Customer service

    The one drip pan was bent . Ordered a ten pack off Amazon and only got one and it was bent . Amazon said to call weber for a replacement even though it was ordered from Amazon
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    Customer service

    Had to call weber today.ordered a 10 pack got one and it was bent to hell. Got some drip pans off Amazon, for whatever reason the Amazon app was saying call weber . I call and explain to the guy that i don’t know why I’m calling him but Amazon said to , he says he doesn’t know why but will send...
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    Increasing Smoke Flavor?

    I like to mix a little lumberjack cherry with their char hickory and it gets a better smoke flavor. Still won’t be the same as the kettle or wsm but it is closer
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    Weekday cooks

    Some pounded out pork sirloin stuffed with rice and quinoa and wrapped in bacon . Came out damn tasty and definitely a remake
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    Bought Something Else To Cook On As Well....

    Not exactly the same but i bought a attachment to hang things for my Smokey mountain last year . Really wanted a pit barrel cooker to try but couldn’t justify paying for one when i could get the attachment . Haven’t tried a hanging pork butt yet . The ribs were great and a fun new experience
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    Weekday cooks

    chicken gyros . Marinated some thighs over night in a while bunch of stuff and made a tzatiki Sauce
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    Weekday cooks

    Some beef ribs . Used lumberjack oak pellets . Came out amazing !
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    Chicken breast

    I always pound it to where it’s more even of a breast and that works well . My wife likes really really thin and that works well also .
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    SmokeFire Weekend Cooks?

    Some tasty legs . Done at 300 till about 160 then dipped in a bbq sauce and pineapple juice mixture and back for about 10 minutes
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    First SmokeFire Brisket 🔥

    That looks marvelous !!