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    A bit of Pellet Smoker Humor

    I've said it before, but I am a big proponent of powering a pellet grill via a computer UPS. Even a desktop PC UPS can power the WSF, I've powered mine on a 500VA model. The goal in that case isn't extending run time during extended power outages, but to ride out small power disturbances that...
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    I would strongly suggest calling them. I received the same advice and I've been speaking to a live person within about 10 minutes of picking up the phone every time I've called, sometimes much much less. They're very helpful and knowledgeable, give them a call!
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    Joined the church

    Voodoo is AWESOME on chicken!
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    15 Reverse-seared burgers = guaranteed tasty & guaranteed FLAMES

    I raised an eyebrow too :) Everyone has their own interpretation of what I.T. should be with burgers, personally I prefer Medium burgers, but I completely understand that is undercooked to some. I shoot for a 142-145 IT which leaves the burger slightly pink in the middle. I smoke the burgers at...
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    15 Reverse-seared burgers = guaranteed tasty & guaranteed FLAMES

    LOL, yeah...the smallest number of burgers I cook is 10, and mine are 1/2lb each :). I use a 5lb package at a time. I did cook 10lbs of burgers at once and I DID have a grease fire the next time I lit the grill. I definitely learned that 2LBs of beef fat in the bottom of the grill can cause...
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    15 Reverse-seared burgers = guaranteed tasty & guaranteed FLAMES

    that's almost exactly how I cook my burgers, my family reacts the same way as yours...the burgers are excellent! Yes, you do get flare-ups, but nothing that's not easily managed, if you get big flareups, just shut the lid and the flames will die out. No different than cooking on any other type...
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    Yes, I second this. I think we've all had 'some' issues with the WSF...but I will say even with the teething issues I've experienced, if I had to replace my WSF tomorrow, I'd be buying another EX6.
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    Cheaper pellets

    I don't know where you're at in TX, but the only place I've found that stocks Lumberjack local to me is Atwoods, even then it's probably 100 miles away. Luckily I have family that live close by and occasionally pick up my supply
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    Cheaper pellets

    Funny, in my area lumberjack pellets ARE the 'cheaper' pellets. When I have to buy them locally they're typically $9/20lb, on sale for $8 occasionally. I got together with guys at work and we bought a pallet of lumberjack pellets. Buying in bulk dropped the price to $7.17/20lb delivered. They're...
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    Smoked Hamburgers - Best Method

    My favorite method is to form very thick patties, roughly 1/2lb per patty, probably 1.5" thick of 80/20 hamburger meat. Kosher salt and course ground black pepper...MSG is also a great spice to add. I smoke the patties at 225 for about 45 min or so, or until the internal temp reaches about 115...
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    Is remote control REALLY remote?

    Speaking strictly for the iOS app (I know there are differences between iOS and android) If the grill is connected to home WIFI (and the home WIFI is connected to the internet) your grill will be controllable from anywhere as long as you have internet access. Mine works well *edited to add...
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    Alternatives to weber temp probes?

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have a recommendation for a compatible temperature probe that costs less than the weber probes? I've used at least 6 of the weber probes and I keep destroying them somehow. I route the wire through the door cutout and I still keep having problems. The probes will work fine...
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    shutdown operation

    I've observed that upon initiating shutdown my grill will initially dump the last bit of pellets in, but very quickly begins reversing the auger. If you have observed 9 minutes of continued feeding, I'd suggest contacting support. That doesn't seem correct
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    Loss of fire

    great explanation Dassman. I agree with the others, remove the guard while you're waiting for the updated chute. The existing two piece chute may be leaking which can cause problems...but I've learned it's also important that you're reasonable in keeping it relatively clean...the only times I"ve...
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    Safe or Sorry........................

    I lost power briefly during a cook once that caused my WSF to go into 'improper shutdown mode', bummer...Since that cook I have run my WSF on a UPS. I've used an APC 650, and that seems to have more than enough power to run the glowplug and fans. I've run it on battery power for as long as 15...