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    Brisket time!!🔥

    What temp are you running?
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    HELP! Baby Back Rib Recipe

    Do this. Works everytime.
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    I got mine a couple of days ago and the $200 refund to my CC.
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    App update checking

    Thanks for sharing, just downloaded. I have a whole brisket for this weekend.
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    App update checking

    Thanks for checking!
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    Pork belly burnt ends

    I would like to hear too.
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    Homemade pizzas. Thisnthing

    Good looking pizzas!
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    36 minutes to get to 400

    My EX 4 is about the same. We are both in Florida where it is already summer.... might have some effect.
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    Teach Me How to Grill Pizza

    Check this guy out. He owns a place in Brooklyn.
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    SmokeFire Weekend Cooks?

    What you have done looks great. Looking forward to seeing the smoked roast. I have two in my deep freeze and like most, plenty of spare time.....
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    SmokeFire Weekend Cooks?

    I have always cut piranha into steaks. Looking forward to seeing your roast.
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    Custom table for my EX6.

    I like that a lot ! Do you have contact info?
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    Smokefire Auger - Rev F

    This is crazy. My EX4 always reaches 600. Clearly they have a production problem..
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    SmokeFire Weekend Cooks?

    Got some baby backs on now. A few left over, tasty!
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    SmokeFire Weekend Cooks?

    Did you crack open a bottle of Simi Valley wine with that?